We’re looking for a Web Development Lead to lead a team of HTML/CSS developers on the marketing team.


Your team is responsible for:

  • Implementing all customer-facing web pages in HTML, CSS, and some client-side Javascript.
  • Partnering with UI and UX designers and content writers to improve and finalize designs.
  • Testing your work across a matrix of supported browsers.

You’ll work closely with our software development teams, which deliver the tools, infrastructure, and guidelines for how your UIs will interact with the applications.


As manager of the team, you personally are responsible for:

  • Being able to perform most of the duties of your team members. Be able to lead by example. We’ll provide time and resources to train you up in the basics of Ruby on Rails and our localization tools.
  • Managing the team of HTML/CSS developers. Hire, train, motivate, assign responsibilities, set priorities, hold accountable.
  • Identify, hire and manage remote-based contractors and agencies to provide PSD-to-HTML services to scale up your team. Design the processes and workflows for how they can efficiently collaborate with your team.
  • Setting and upholding quality bars.
  • Refining processes, including those for localization and internationalization. Ensure documentation is of sufficient quality.
  • Defining requirements for functionality that software development teams should provide to your team.
  • Maintaining your team’s work backlog, and representing your team in cross-team planning sessions.


Some of your success metrics can be:

  • Conversion rates for various web-based funnels
  • Your team’s velocity of delivering top-quality pages/content/designs
  • Webpage loading speeds
  • How effectively your pages create brand-value

What you will need to be successful

  • Required: Experienced and talented people manager
  • Fluent English verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent HTML/CSS skills. You should be able to set quality standards, write style guides, perform code reviews, assess interview candidates, and coach/train your team members.
  • A strong sense for design and aesthetics.
  • A good understanding of on-page SEO best practices
  • Some talent for project management. Set priorities and communicate status and next steps.


  • A good understanding of on-page SEO best practices.
  • Experience working on a team running websites with content and traffic volumes similar to or greater than ours, ideally also localized into several languages.

Details about how we work

  • Branch-based development in git with pull requests and code reviews
  • Some content is managed in WordPress, while some is in Github in a Ruby on Rails application.
  • All functional requirements are tested automatically using rspec, a testing framework for Ruby on Rails.
  • Visual requirements are verified manually using tools like BrowserStack.
  • We’ve localized 100+ pages into 15+ languages, totaling more than 1M translated words.
  • Production deployments are triggered and executed automatically whenever code is merged into the master branch. We deploy many times per day.
  • We work with in-house talent from designers to SEO experts to ship quickly and frequently.
  • To ensure top-quality pages, we go through various phases in the content-creation process, including wireframing, UX, copy review, SEO review, and cross-browser testing.
  • Pages are tracked using analytics and frequently optimized.
  • We run continual AB tests across various parts of the website to drive conversions.

What we offer

  • Attractive compensation and benefits
  • Flexible working hours and a healthy work-life balance
  • Work in a challenging, collaborative, and fun environment

About us

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