We’re looking for Data pipelines developers – Big Data

Chengbao is looking for server-side developers to join our team building advanced Data Pipelines and Big-data cloud infrastructure. We use a micro-services architecture with high levels of automated test coverage and best-practice engineering processes.


  • Scale and performance. Handle tens of thousands of rpm, scale across geographically distributed datacenters, solve complex computational tasks quickly, and be highly available. We operate 2000 physical servers world-wide plus many VMs.
  • Enforce strong privacy requirements. Design your systems to be “both difficult and OK to get hacked”.
  • High availability and accuracy requirements. Prove the answers provided by your systems are correct.
  • Enable rapid iteration with several team members. Express requirements as automated tests and enable automatic deploys many times per day.
  • Business logic design. Sometimes the hardest part is defining what exactly we should build to solve our business needs. You’ll have many opportunities to play roles in product-management and business-analysis.


You’ll face a broad range of interesting technical and design challenges, especially around scale, security, and availability. This job description describes skills we’re looking for in designing, building and operating data pipelines, though we’re also hiring for outstanding engineers from many different backgrounds. We’re open to candidates with various levels of experience. From junior to very senior, come talk to us!

We value efficient engineering processes

  • Continuous Delivery. All logic is tested automatically. We deploy multiple times per day. We often use TDD.
  • Microservices architecture. We pick a suitable stack for each individual application. Currently those involve combinations of Ruby, Python, Lua, mySQL/Postgres/Aurora, Redis, Redshift, Spark, many parts of the AWS stack including Lambda, RabbitMQ, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Tableau.
  • Code-reviews and sometimes pair programming. We invest in spreading knowledge around the team, and keeping our code easy to read, test, and maintain.


  • Expert in at least one modern server-side language. You test your code primarily with automation.
  • Experienced in building and running large-scale reliable data pipelines that meet business needs.
  • Passionate about building well-designed systems, eager to learn and continually improve his or her skills.
  • You take great pride in the quality of your code.

What we offer

  • Attractive compensation and benefits
  • Flexible working hours and a healthy work-life balance
  • Work in a challenging, collaborative, and fun environment

About us

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