Software Development Lead – Scale micro-services globally

Hong Kong

About us

At Chengbao, we’re leading the way to a more private and secure digital world. Consumers in over 180 countries around the globe rely on our industry-leading cybersecurity software and services.

We are an international tech company with a team of 300+ worldwide and a core team of 85 based in Hong Kong. We’re profitable, growing, and just getting started.

We hire world-class developers, product managers, and marketers in the industry, and give them the tools to succeed. Together, we ship beautiful, usable software for desktop and mobile that our customers use and love every day.

Ready to do the best work of your life? We’ve built just the place.

We’re looking for Backend development leads

We’re looking for server-side development leaders to lead development teams building global consumers web services. We use a micro-services architecture with a broad range of different technology stacks and high levels of automated test coverage.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Lead a team of developers to deliver maximum business impact. You set expectations, motivate, run efficient processes, coach and train, and hold people accountable through regular feedback and formal performance reviews.
  • Lead by example as a software developer. Even our senior managers are expected to spend at least some part of their time writing code to keep their skills sharp.
  • Be heavily involved in creating hiring-plans, and designing and running interviews.

Profile of an ideal candidate

  • You’re an expert software developer in server-side applications. It doesn’t matter much to us in which technology stacks you’re currently most proficient. That only impacts the length of your onboarding cycle. “Expert” means:
    • You can describe almost any requirement as an automated test.
    • You have a proven track record of creating elegant architectural solutions to complex problems.
    • You have a proven track record of using efficient development workflows for teams.
  • You enjoy managing people and are very good at it. That means you’ve had several direct reports for at least two years.
  • You’re able to understand the strategy and needs of the business, then plan and communicate meaningful technical product roadmaps.

We follow best practices for software development

  • We use a micro-services architecture. Across the company, we operate more than 50 independently deployed services.
  • Our most commonly used tools are: Ruby/Rails/RSpec, Python/Lambda, Lua/OpenResty, Ansible/Cloudformation/Terraform.
  • We invest heavily in automated test coverage and reasonably efficient CI and CD workflows. We’re able to trust our tests sufficiently such that there is effectively zero manual regression testing, and we deploy to production dozens of times per day.
  • We perform code reviews for effectively all changes. That’s embedded in our culture. We find it’s an effective way of spreading knowledge and skills around the team and ensuring high quality of tests, code and documentation.

Highlights of interesting tech challenges

  • Scale and performance challenges. Handle tens of thousands of rpm, scale across geographically distributed datacenters, solve complex computational tasks quickly, and be highly available.
  • Security. We work with world-class penetration testers.
  • API design. We have client-side apps for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and soon Linux. Keep the API designs simple and meet the various requirements for our apps.
  • Split-testing. We make heavy use of A/B testing to optimize our front-end for sales conversions. We have enough volume to often get significant results within one day.

This job offers

  • Attractive compensation and benefits
  • Flexible working hours and a healthy work-life balance
  • Work in a challenging, collaborative, and fun environment