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Hong Kong

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We’re looking for a QA Manager

We’re looking for a QA Manager to join our team building user-friendly online services for consumers. We use a micro-services architecture with high levels of automated test coverage and best-practice engineering processes.


Your mission will be to raise the quality of our customer experience across the board.

  • While responsibility for the quality of individual component rests with the developers, you’ll be responsible for quality end-to-end. Your scope will include:
    • Validation of functional requirements across apps, website, internet services.
    • Non-functional requirements such as speed, capacity, security, privacy, availability, and reliability.
    • Quality of copywriting (ensure texts are created and QA’ed by qualified authors).
    • Quality of interactions with customer support.
    • Quality of self-help content.
    • Quality of internal documentation. We attempt to write plenty of it, but aren’t consistent enough in how we test it yet.
  • People-manage the QA function. Hire, assign responsibilities, coach, motivate and hold the team accountable. The team currently consists of:
    • A QA lead who manages a team of six remote-working QA engineers who run manual regression passes.
    • A QA developer who writes integration tests and also manages several remote-working QA developers.
  • Set cross-team test strategies. Choose the right mix of automated and manual scripted tests, ad-hoc QA, dogfooding, monitoring, third-party pentests, and customer-feedback loops. Define requirements for dev/test/staging environments and the application and configuration data used in each, and define/document/evangelize best-practices for using them.
  • Ensure projects have excellent test plans. Some you’ll write yourself, others you’ll coach developers to author. Act as an advisor to the developers responsible for each project.
  • Raise the QA skill-level of all developers across the team. Lead by example, conduct sharing and training sessions.
  • Define requirements for test tools and project-manage their delivery.

Profile of an ideal candidate

  • Experienced people manager in a QA function.
  • Expert in at least one UI automation framework and programming language. You might not write much code yourself in this role, but you must be able to work closely with and lead people who do.
  • Experience being responsible for quality of both client-side as well as server-side apps.

This position

  • Attractive compensation and benefits
  • Flexible working hours and a healthy work-life balance
  • Work in a challenging, collaborative, and fun environment