Design, implement and support the IT infrastructure of our fast expanding business!

Chengbao is looking for a Network and Systems EngineerAs we continue to grow, there is more demand on the IT Department to plan, provision and maintain IT resources and support the changing needs of our internal users. This demand has created an opportunity for an experienced Systems and Network Engineer to join our Employee-IT team.


Reporting to the Global IT Manager, you’ll be responsible for ensuring our worldwide team can work efficiently and securely.

Your primary responsibilities will be to:

    1. Improve, implement, document, and enforce internal IT processes for all our offices, worldwide. The most complex requirements come from our customer-support team, where we use several VMWare Windows instances per agent. Challenges include:
      1. Capacity planning. Make sure the systems meet performance and reliability requirements even as the team expands.
      2. Disaster preparedness. Regularly test your solutions. Be certain that some levels of hardware failure won’t cause business impact.
      3. Security. List and mitigate threats at physical, network, OS, and application layers.
    2. Provide remote support to our global workforce.
    3. Provide hands-on support at our office in Hong Kong.
    4. Be involved in the design, implementation and ongoing support of business critical systems and infrastructure
    5. Troubleshoot and resolve server and network issues
    6. Be on call overnight to help resolve emergencies if needed
    7. Vendor Management, dealing with our ISPs etc
    8. Help enforce IT policy. Detect violations and prevent future occurrences through proactive measures.
    9. Work with our internal Security Ops team to minimise our risk without affecting employee productivity
    10. Coordinate with contractors for specific projects
    11. Ensure we have a well documented and tested Disaster Recovery plan
    12. Train and provide guidance to junior members in the team.


You will make the most of your problem solving skills and your user-centric mindset. You have demonstrated solving similar challenges before and you will need the following:

  1. Deep understanding of IT security best practices
  2. Hands-on experience with Windows server environments and basic Linux skills
  3. High level of networking experience (switching and routing)
  4. VMware ESX and Horizon VDI administration


  1. AWS
  2. G-Suite
  3. Mobile Device Management

What we offer

  1. Attractive compensation and benefits
  2. Work in a challenging, collaborative, and fun environment
  3. Flexible working hours and a healthy work-life balance. May require travel to the Philippines a few times per year, a few days per trip
  4. Exposure to new and exciting technology

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