We are looking for a technical writer

We’re looking for a technical writer who can make the most complicated subjects clear for a non-technical audience.

You’ll work with our content marketing and product teams to produce a range of content—from tutorials and explainers to thought leadership pieces and sales pages. You’ll get hands-on with our products and create content that is authoritative, engaging, and easy to understand.

This role will contribute heavily to our content creation and broader marketing strategies and provide an excellent opportunity to join a rapidly growing industry with other talented professionals.


  • Our operation serves many millions of website visitors a year thanks to our industry-leading marketing presence. We’re a robust force online, rapidly expanding across various marketing channels. Our words find an audience.
  • Aggressive white-hat communication plan firing on all cylinders.
  • A strong team of strategists, web designers, and writers to help produce high-quality content.


  • Write a range of content, which may include technical support articles and tutorials, blog posts and thought leadership pieces for our pages as well as external outlets, company communications, customer support scripts, and app interface texts.
  • Contribute to our product testing efforts as needed.
  • Collaborate extensively with engineers and researchers to boil down and clarify technical concepts and instructions for laypeople.
  • Imagine yourself as an ordinary user. Where would you run into trouble? What would you want to have explained? What would you need to know to successfully use the product?
  • Pivot seamlessly among voices: From sales to instructional to persuasive to corporate communications and back again.
  • Work with our existing team to strengthen our strategy for improving organic search rankings to maximize sales and positive brand exposure.
    • We’re passionate about being thought leaders in our industry, so not all pages will be designed to make sales, but all should contribute to our overall branding.
  • Be comfortable prioritizing, measuring and communicating progress, as well as defining goals and objectives.


  • Familiarity with various operating systems, network devices, and technical terms such as IP addresses, DNS, ports, and protocols, plus a keen desire to keep learning
  • Knowledge of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation (U.S. English a plus)
  • Excellent fact-checking and research skills and a desire to “get things right”
  • Ability to break down technical subjects for a non-technical readership
  • Attention to detail combined with an ability to see the larger picture of our business objectives
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • Keen awareness of the latest tech trends and popular devices


  • Familiarity with following a style guide, such as:
    • AP style
    • New York Times style
    • Chicago Manual of Style
    • An organization’s house style
  • Experience writing landing page or blog copy
  • Knowledge of web analytics or a keen desire to learn
  • Experience with A/B testing and other testing metrics
  • Experience collaborating with writers, designers, SEO specialists, and researchers
  • Experience hiring and managing remote team members

What we offer

  • Attractive compensation and benefits
  • Flexible working hours and a healthy work-life balance
  • Work in a challenging, collaborative, and fun environment

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