Chengbao, Ltd.

We run online businesses delivering beautiful, usable software to end-users around the world via web and native apps.

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*Yes, this is the actual view from our office.

What we do

Our customers are end-users, and we're focused on delivering useful web and native apps to enhance their lives.

Software Development - Ruby on Rails, Android, and iOS

We practice continuous delivery with high automated test coverage. We deploy when tests are green, and tests in master are always green.

We speak rails3, ruby2, rspec, mysql, mongodb, redis, memcached, ubuntu, chef, Android, iOS, Mac Objective C, and Windows C#.

We love split testing and analytics.

Design & Product Management

We're passionate about user experience. We spend a lot of effort making our products easy to use.

We try not to be constrained by technology. We think of the ideal user experience first, then figure out how to implement it.

We make decisions based on data.

Nothing excites us more than shipping.

Meet our team

We've come together from all kinds of backgrounds—culturally and professionally—to form a team that gels.

The Hong Kong core team


Product Manager
"I love making ideas brainstormed on a post-it become something our users talk about positively affecting their lives. So satisfying!"


Software Developer
"Pull-ups and pull requests are equally important here, rock on!"


Senior Business Analyst
"Over the past year, I've had the freedom and flexibility to grow my position into a multi-faceted role, from customer support to data analytics, and ping pong."

Why work with us?

We create an enjoyable, collaborative work environment that gives you room to do what you're good at.

Work with us!
Minimal management overhead

Each of us is an expert at what they do. We value people who work independently.


We have flexible working hours. Our priority is on getting the job done.

Healthy work-life balance

We understand that a tired team will write more bugs, create less, and produce lower quality work.

Toys to boost your creativity

Stuck in a rut? Play with our quadcopter, do some pull-ups, or pong it up.

Free breakfast

Need a bagel and O.J. in the morning? No problemo.

Freedom of hardware

Work with the hardware of your choice.

Our office

Our office

The magic happens in a spacious loft in the heart of Wan Chai, close to many shops and restaurants.

Sound like your kind of place?

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